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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the systematic process of improving the usefulness and find-ability of pages on your website. The goal is to deliver value to users and grow exposure to your products and services, while increasing the rank of pages in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO is a critical process that takes time. You need to respond to a search landscape that is always changing – search engines update their algorithms, new devices hit the market, and your competitors put more resources into outranking you.

5 Useful SEO Facts

  • Organic search traffic is more engaged than other channels – visitors stay longer and view more pages per visit
  • Sites that rank higher in search engines are seen as more “respectable” by searchers
  • High-ranking web pages can receive as much as 30% more click traffic
  • Only 68% of searches are done in Google. Don’t forget to optimize for Bing, Yahoo, even (unless you don’t care about getting an additional 10% of business)
  • Ideally, at least 1/3 if your traffic should come from organic search

What do Search Engines Look for?

  • Great content first and foremost
  • Well organized and logical hierarchy of information
  • Informative content that’s easy to scan and read
  • Simple, fast, user-friendly sites. Evidence shows that sites that respond quickly, rank higher
  • Content that’s linked to and shared by other ranks higher

Things to Keep in Mind

Don’t get hung up on keywords. Search engine optimization has evolved far beyond the inclusion of keywords on pages. Today SEO is more about the total user experience.

Good SEO can’t be done by a robot. Effective SEO requires knowledge, experience and regular attention. If someone offers to perform search optimization of your site for $99, that’s probably what your ROI will be.

Avoid “one and done” thinking. Optimizing your site for search should be a continuous process. Search engine algorithms, common search terms, technology, and typical visitor behavior all change. Your website needs to evolve in order to keep up.

There’s more to SEO than the content on the page. A few of the things that make a difference in to how your pages rank in search engines are: page load speed, mobile-friendly layouts, valid code, the overall “user experience”, and the quality of other sites that link to yours.

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