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Brand Discovery: What to Expect

We really can’t tell you how other companies “do branding” because, frankly, there’s a lot of variation. We can tell you what we do.

Every organization needs to go through branding at some point, and usually more than once. But effective branding means that your key “big picture” thinkers need to get in one room and get their thoughts out on the table. That’s pretty hard to do. That’s why we’ve created a streamlined branding process that we use with small to mid-sized companies. We use it for organizational- and product-level branding, rebranding, and “brand refreshing.” Usually it only takes one half-day, in-person meeting with all the stakeholders to complete our branding process. We’d like everyone’s input throughout the review process, but we know it’s hard to get everyone in the room together more than once, and we work with that.

We use our step-by-step process to get all the stakeholders on board and aligned quickly. We use interim steps and checkpoints to help us make sure everyone is still in agreement along the way. As a result, when we do get to the point of showing you creative and strategic executions, like a go-to-market plan or a logo, a tagline or website design, we get a lot of positive response and we’re able to move forward quickly, because every step was built on a previous one and each one aligns with the fundamental brand concepts that everyone agrees on.

Are we revealing the recipe for our secret sauce? Not really. We think our secret sauce comes from our expertise, and our ability to listen and to come up with results that resonate with you and your audience.


Our 7-Step Rapid Branding Process

Here’s an overview of our Branding Workshop process. Each step includes plenty of opportunity for you to provide input and build consensus. We may not include every step listed below in every branding exercise. That’s because every branding exercise we do is tailored to our client’s needs. For example, not everyone needs a name and a logo. Here’s a list of steps in the process and the deliverables we provide at each.

Step 1 – ½-day workshop with key stakeholders
Step 2 – Research (competitive analysis, audit of current collateral)
Step 3 – Create Discovery Workshop Findings Document
Step 4 – Develop Messaging Framework
Step 5 – Create Visual Brand Explorations (Mood Boards)
Step 6 – Develop Brand Name, Brand Visual Identity, and Tag Line
Step 7 – Create Brand Standards and Guidelines Document

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