Common Branding Deliverables

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What to Expect in the Branding Process?

All engagements should include a defined set of branding deliverables. The process should also offer opportunities for your stakeholders to “check in”. These check-ins will allow your agency to collect feedback and to make any necessary revisions.

Here’s a list of deliverables you can expect from D2 Creative in our soup-to-nuts branding engagements.

Discovery Workshop Findings Document

The findings document incorporates all the information gathered during a Brand Discovery Workshop. It has information about your products, services and organizational attributes. It lists your brand values, personality & heritage, brand positioning statement, and more.

Messaging Framework

Think of your messaging framework as a well that you go to whenever you need to develop new messaging. It provides the foundation to ensure that your messaging is consistent and true to your brand. Your Messaging Framework includes most or all of these:

  • Your Brand Promise: A short statement for your customers that conveys what you do
  • Brand Value Proposition: A promise of value derived from functional and emotional benefits
  • Brand Positioning: Where you fit in the marketplace
  • Target Audience(s): Your ideal buyers or users Your Mission: What is your ultimate goal?
  • Tone of Voice: Not just what announcer you would choose, but kind of like that!
  • Elevator Pitch: A 30-second description of your value proposition. We prefer one in language that your grandmother would understand
  • Brand Pillars: Your most important selling points
    • Headline Benefits: Key benefit statements that support each of your Brand Pillars
    • Supporting Attributes: Functional and emotional attributes that support the Headline Benefits

Mood Boards

A mood board captures your visual brand expression. It’s not a specific design or “tactic” such as a webpage or print ad. A mood board explores the color palette, typography, image style and iconography that come together to express your brand positioning.

Brand Identity

Your Brand Identity includes guidelines about how your brand appears, such as:

  • Naming
  • Logo
  • Tagline, and logo lock-up

These rules help you stay uniform in your branding in various settings, such as business collateral, sales presentation materials, trade show presence/environment, packaging design, signage, as well as in online spaces such as your website and social media channels.

Brand Style Guide

The brand style guide outlines proper use of the brand. Adhering to the guidelines ensures continuity and continues to strengthen the brand. It includes information on:

  • Color usage
  • Typography options
  • Guidelines on illustration and photographic styles
  • Proper use of logos, taglines and fonts
  • Use of infographics
  • Brand positioning
  • Core brand pillars

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