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What is Pay-per-Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is text-only advertising that is seen online on places like search results and social media sites. Web users click on the ads, which take them to a landing page within the advertiser’s website. Each time a user clicks on the ad, the advertising network charges a small fee. PPC ads are one way companies do search engine marketing, or SEM.

You’ll see PPC ads in your search engine results (like Google and Bing), on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and on millions of other websites that feature text-based advertising.


How Do PPC Ads Work?

  • The advertisers provide an interface or platform for you to submit ad copy and links
  • The ads will appear when users make related searches, or when websites display content with a similar topic
  • You won’t be charged unless someone clicks on your ad
  • Ads can be targeted, for example by location, time of day, or customer interest
  • The ads that perform best are displayed most often


Why Use PPC Ads?

  • Attract new customers:  For several of our clients, PPC campaigns brought in over 80% new site visitors
  • Promote your new product or event:  Target related keywords and create focused landing pages to gain traffic from a new audience segment
  • Focus on mobile users:  You can target mobile device users by offering a higher bid for mobile placement. You also need to optimize your ads for the habits of mobile users. Our customers consistently underrate the importance of mobile users – until they see the results of mobile-focused PPC campaigns!


Common Pitfalls for PPC Ads

You can’t know what “success” is unless you set goals.
Appropriate benchmarking and goal-setting are key to measuring your campaign’s effectiveness.

Don’t just “Set It and Forget It.”
It’s essential to monitor your ads and revise them based on their performance. More effective ads generate more clicks, visits, qualified leads, and ROI. What to edit? Try changing tone of voice, keyword usage & placement, and content and see if you can get even better results.

The landing page is as important as the ads.
If you’re really looking to generate new business and qualified leads (and who isn’t?), make sure to create focused, coherent landing pages with a clear, single CTA. Don’t forget to optimize your landing page for mobile as well.

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