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Digital Marketing Glossary

A FAQ for digital marketing terms

A Glossary for Digital Marketers & Site Managers

This isn’t your typical FAQ section. Of course you can just Google these terms and get an answer. But a lot of what you’ll find elsewhere on the Web is either written for pros who already understand basic terminology, or it’s written for consumer product businesses or online retailers. Our “glossary” features straightforward descriptions of popular digital marketing terms and technologies, for people who may never have heard any of these terms before.

We’re big evangelists of digital marketing for B-to-B companies. So we’ve oriented our glossary, for the most part, for business to business practitioners.

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving. That’s what makes it exciting. At the same time it makes it really challenging to keep up. Between new technologies, evolving marketing tactics & new terminology, it’s hard enough for an agency to stay on top of it all. It’s even more difficult for marketers who are focused on their own business needs.

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