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What is Retargeting?

The way website retargeting works is that after some kind of interaction with your website, visitors are shown your advertisements when they are on other websites. Yup, this is that creepy stalker advertising you encounter on Facebook. There are lots of variants, however, and each one fits a different type of business problem.

  • Site retargeting targets people who have previously viewed your website. These ads can also be dynamic and tailored to the user, such as showing the product the user looked at.
  • Search retargeting shows your ad to users based on searches they performed on other websites or search engines. This method is designed to bring in customers who may never have visited your website, but have searched for things related to your site.
  • Link retargeting targets users after they’ve clicked a link on your content on any web page, (usually a social media web page). This lets you use retargeting ads after someone has clicked on your Facebook post, for example.
  • You may have also heard the term “remarketing.” This usually means re-engaging someone via email. It can be confusing because a few companies seem to use the terms “remarketing” and “retargeting” interchangeably.
  • New retargeting variants are being devised all the time, so this list is not exhaustive.

Why Retarget?

  • The classic use of retargeting is to bring back customers who visited your site, for example they were in the shopping cart and then clicked away. However, companies have found many more effective uses for retargeting.
  • Data shows that, despite the creepy factor, retargeting ads are much more likely to be considered “relevant” by web users, and therefore they’re more effective than traditional display ads.
  • Ads can extend your interaction with users when they leave your site, as you can appear in searches, on social media and on other sites.
  • Retargeting can help keep your product or solution “front of mind” when you have similar competitors or are in a new category.
  • Use search retargeting to create more relevant ads based on what users are searching for. Keep in mind that users use “search” on all kinds of websites, not just on search engines.
  • You can target potential customers based on their location, time of day, and device type.

Match Your Digital Marketing Solutions With Business Goals

Before you engage in a particular digital marketing tactic, it’s important to identify your business goals. Do you want to generate new leads or nurture existing ones? Are you looking to bring in new customers or extend your relationship with existing customers? A well-conceived digital marketing campaign matches every element with a specific business goal. By strategically combining simple tactics like pay-per-click ads, content marketing and email marketing, you can bring about measurable business growth.

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