The pandemic presented (and continues to present) a myriad of challenges for businesses, but staying agile can lead to new and more innovative solutions. A recent example is also a personal one, with the recent addition of fully remote video shoots to our video production toolbox.

From Frustration to Innovation

Just before the start of the pandemic, our team was ready to produce interview-style content for one of our longtime clients, IEEE EMBS. However, COVID made the process a lot more complicated, and routine video shoots quickly became anything but.

With travel restrictions and lockdowns in place, flying our crew and equipment out to interviewees became out of the question. We needed to find a way to do things remotely, but how could we keep the finished video looking professional and polished, not a choppy, blurry Zoom recording?

We quickly put together equipment kits, which we mailed to interviewees. We also researched higher-quality video capture alternatives and put processes in place to help interviewees set up everything on their own. We were able to produce video of the quality that IEEE EMBS needed, and now had new remote video production capabilities and technologies we could leverage with all of our clients.

Finding the Silver Lining

When the tried-and-true way of making video content for clients was suddenly not an option, we discovered a way of shooting them that, in some scenarios, is even better.

As challenging as this dilemma was, solving it lead to a video production tool that could help far beyond its original need. Video shoots with clients around the world can be extremely expensive given the time and cost of travel. But with our remote recording kits, what used to take weeks can be done in as little as a few days.

All it took for us to find out how was a push out of our comfort zone.

Here’s the big takeaway: In every challenge your company faces, there are opportunities for growth you wouldn’t otherwise see. Whether it’s difficulties specifically related to the pandemic, or something more general, taking a step back and examining how to turn difficult situations into innovative solutions is a major part of how companies grow.

Can You Tell the Difference?

I’ve got a challenge for you. Watch just one of the dozens of videos we produced for IEEE EMBS during the pandemic. Can you tell that it wasn’t shot by an on-site film crew?

We take pride in our ability to solve problems, both for ourselves and our clients. You can read more about how our challenges with IEEE EMBS remote shoots turned into a new and exciting innovation for our video team in our recent case study. Or, browse some of our other stories of how we’ve helped our clients solve more digital marketing issues.

Google Just Launched its Newest Campaign Type: Performance Max

Marketers are used to selecting the ad formats and channels for campaigns in Google Ads. However, if you want to run Search ads and Display ads, you need to make two separate campaigns and split your budget accordingly. With the recent launch of Google’s Performance Max, those days are over.

Instead of having to select and build separate campaigns for specific ad formats, Performance Max ads are shown in every channel Google is able to target within one campaign, including Search, Shopping, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.

What Are the Benefits of a Performance Max Campaign?

To start, it’s much easier to build one Performance Max Campaign than it is to create and monitor multiple campaigns by ad format or channel. You simply create one campaign and upload all your copy, images, and videos to that campaign.

The real benefit comes from expanding your audience pool to include all of Google’s channels and networks, not just the ones you specifically select. This can help you find more converting customers from places you might not have expected.

Finally, as marketers, we understand the frustration that can come with trying to crack Google’s algorithm. Most experts estimate that Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times each year.

Whether you’re building an audience segment or optimizing a landing page for search, it can feel like a constant struggle to get it right so that you’re able to reach the right audience at the right time. Performance Max campaigns hand Google the reins, allowing it to use its real-time understanding of customer intents and preferences. Basically, you’re letting the algorithm do the heavy lifting for you.

Performance Max Campaign Assets and Specifications

Here are the assets you can include in your Google Performance Max campaign:


  • 3-5 headlines (30 characters max; include one with 15 or less)
  • 1-5 long headlines (90 characters max)
  • 2-5 descriptions (90 characters max; include one with 60 or less)


  • 1-20 landscape images (1.91:1)
  • 1-20 square images (1:1)
  • 0-20 portrait images (4:5)
  • 1-5 square logos (1:1)
  • 0-5 landscape logos (4:1)


  • 0-5 horizontal, vertical, or square videos, at least 10 seconds long

You’ll notice that some assets (like headlines, company logo, etc.) are mandatory, but others (like video) can be omitted if you don’t have content available.

These specifications may change, so check Google Ads documentation for the most current information before you create your assets.

What are the Drawbacks of a Google Performance Max Campaign?

When building a campaign in Google Ads, one of the first steps is to select campaign advertising and conversion goals, respectively. This helps the Google algorithm better predict to whom to serve the ads based on the actions that person is most likely to take.

Should your ads have different campaign goals, know that Google will only allow you to select one objective per campaign. For example, if you’re planning to increase website traffic using Search ads, build brand awareness using Display ads, and get leads using YouTube ads, a Performance Max campaign might not be the right choice.

Lastly, if you already have a number of Google Ad campaigns up and running, it’s possible that a Performance Max campaign could cannibalize existing campaigns and cause their performance to suffer if you’re not properly prepared.

Ready to Create a Campaign?

Google Performance Max campaign can increase ad reach and find more customers where they are, but at a cost of some control. To set your Performance Max campaigns up for success, check out Google’s best practices guide or ask your digital ad agency for some assistance. D2 Creative is a certified Google Ads Partner.