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Vijaya Singh, Digital Marketing Manager & Kenny Kudzma

Copywriter and Content Specialist

Is Your Social Media Strategy One-Size-Fits-None?

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and all of those other platforms are the same, aren’t they? You post pictures and videos. You comment. You “like”. You “friend”. So that must mean you can create one piece of content and blast it across all of your channels, right?


Please don’t do that.

The average person uses 6 or more different social media platforms per month, and are on each one for, generally, a different reason. They’re not looking to all those different platforms for the same content. Their behavior on each platform varies, and so does what they want to see across different platforms.

As a brand, you’re not expected to create content like a user but you are expected to create content for users, so keeping your target audiences’ preferences top of mind should be key to your overall content development process.

There are several pieces to consider when creating content, including what content usually looks like on the platform and what users are expecting of your channel. These expectations should form the foundation of your content strategy for each platform.

For instance, users on Instagram are looking to be inspired and entertained. The content they consume generally falls in the buckets of aspirational, luxury, culture, and personal vlogging, and the easier it is to consume and engage with the better. Instead of leaning heavily or only on a feed of posts, develop 2 to 3 Story slides, including engagement stickers that users can quickly interact with as they thumb through.

Want a head start on creating the right content for all your channels? Check out our Social Media Platforms Content Cheat Sheet . With insights into user behavior, content preferences, and even how often you should be posting, this high-level outline will help you understand what you should be keeping in mind when developing truly engaging posts.

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