Using a Product Use Video to Demonstrate Real-World Benefits

Services: Video Production, Motion Graphics

The Challenge: Fujifilm Medical Systems was impressed by the power of video to convert leads to customers. 52% of marketing professionals cite video as the content with the best ROI. For the launch of a new mobile x-ray system they wanted to show the product’s features in detail in a product use video, showing just how easy it is to use in a busy hospital.

Our Approach: We developed 4 short videos: 1 overview, and 3 that highlighted specific feature sets. Our shooting script and schedule were tight, our crew and talent were professional, and using a busy hospital as our location we shot 34 setups in one day (video-speak for ‘We were efficient!’). We made a neat little animated opening, cool product graphics and added sound design that makes the action pop. We added the four videos to the customer’s product website, featured them on the homepage, and set up an email campaign to drive viewers to the site.

Nurse using Fujifilm FDR Go

The Result: Our client let us know that the impeccable quality of the product use video reflects the quality of Fujifilm’s products and service. The email campaign for the videos drove hundreds of potential customers to the site, and once they were there, the videos were watched – engagement rates for the videos average over 70%. The overview video is the most popular video on our client’s website and YouTube channel – it’s been viewed more than 3 times more than any other video on their channel.