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Demonstrating a Product in Action and on the Go

The challenge


The challenge

More than half of marketing professionals cite video as the content providing the best ROI. Fujifilm Medical Systems wanted to capitalize on this fact. For the launch of its new mobile x-ray system, the company tasked D2 Creative with  creating a video to showcase how convenient it is to use Fujifilm’s new technology in a busy hospital.

Our approach

As part of an overall campaign, we developed 4 short videos: one testimonial video, and three videos to highlight specific feature sets.

The shooting script and schedule were ambitious, but no match for our crew and talent. Shooting on location in a bustling hospital, we shot 34 setups in one day (video-speak for ‘That’s unheard of!’).

We also designed an animated opening and added sound design to make the action pop.

The result

The email campaign for the videos drove hundreds of potential customers to the site. Once they were there, the videos were watched – engagement rates for the videos averaged over 70%. This video is the most popular video on our client’s website and YouTube channel— having been viewed more than 3 times more than any other video on their channel.