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Promoting Thought Leadership to Increase Brand Awareness

The challenge


The challenge

Right now, members of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) are developing some of the most cutting-edge technologies on the planet. Through this research and development, their mission remains clear- to spread the word of these advancements and promote the field of biomedical engineering. So IEEE EMBS asked us: What could we do to spread the word about these groundbreaking technologies?

Our approach

We answered back with a simple concept; create a speaker series that would introduce audiences to breaking technologies, while promoting EMBS as an organization and the biomedical engineering field as a whole.

Together with the client, we developed IEEE EMBS On Stage, a series of live speaker events to promote EMBS’s mission and present its members as thought leaders within the industry. Each event centers on a topic at the cutting edge of engineering, medicine and biology, and features global thought leaders and visionary businesspeople.

The result

The event was promoted through social channels and an email campaign. The campaign features high quality video clips, images and engaging copy. The first speaker event was held at a major medical IT conference and generated a lot of buzz across EMBS’ social media channels. The talks themselves are viewable on YouTube and the On Stage website, which also has special speaker interviews, short documentaries, and more one couldn’t get during the event. These videos continue to be well received and viewers can receive Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for viewing them.