D2 Creative and Veeva Systems Partnership Q&A


Laura Lentchitsky

Digital Marketing Manager

President of D2 Creative, Mike DeFabrizio, discusses the thriving partnership between D2 Creative and Veeva Systems, and what it means for D2 clients.

What is D2’s relationship with Veeva Systems?

Veeva is a leading provider of software solutions for the global life sciences industry, and our agency specializes in development, marketing, and communications in life sciences as well as the medical devices and technology industries. Many of our clients use Veeva, and have looked to us to make a great solution work even better for their sales teams.

D2 and Veeva have been working together for a number of years. We are a technology and multi-channel content partner with Veeva, and in 2021 our integration with CRM/CLM was certified by Veeva. Through the content partnership program, D2’s staff holds business and technical certifications in CLM, Approved Email, Engage Meeting, and Engage for Portals. As part of our technology partnership, members of D2’s development team obtained white belt certification in both CRM and Vault.

What is Dynamic CLM Integration?

Our team had a specific pain point to solve: How can life sciences companies smoothly integrate outside data into Veeva? We created the Dynamic CLM Integration, a Veeva-certified technology solution, to push this external data into Veeva, making it available for use in presentations or to better inform reporting. Learn More.

Why Does Certification Matter?

Being a Silver Certified Technology Partner means that we’ve met stringent criteria to provide a proven, validated, and certified integration with Veeva. Silver Certified Partners must have Veeva-trained employees, reference-able customers, and continuously work with Veeva’s product team to maintain their certified integration.

What’s Next for D2 and Veeva?

On top of our Dynamic CLM Integration, D2 Creative offers our clients multi-channel content partner services, enhanced Approved Email, content creation and publishing management, and custom development within Veeva. This is in addition to our standard digital agency offerings which include in-house brand building, digital marketing, video production, and other marketing support. There are plenty of opportunities for our current clients who use Veeva, as well as new clients, to take Veeva to the next level.

Awards & Certifications

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