Find the Timing That Converts Audiences into Leads

The Effective Approach to Converting Leads

With the target audience successfully defined, the next step is converting leads. Marketers next need to reach them when they are most receptive to your message. Unfortunately, not everyone will be ready to buy at the same time. It’s critical that marketers create multiple touchpoints across channels that help drive prospects to your content and keep them engaged throughout the buyer’s journey – bringing them from general awareness to consideration and evaluation, all the way to their purchasing decision.

Mapping your audiences and campaigns to the buyer’s journey can help you:

  • Educate prospects on solutions to challenges they may not yet know they’re facing.
  • Build trust with valuable content that educated them on their challenges and offers actionable insights and solutions.
  • Eliminate broadcast marketing to unreceptive audiences.
  • Identify more specific audience segmentations as well as the messaging and content most relevant to them and their immediate needs.
  • Pinpoint highly qualified targets when they’re most ready to hear your sales pitch.
  • Nurture potential leads into new business.

Targeting Your Audience When They’re Ready to Listen

Finding your audience is one challenge, but how can you be sure that your message will resonate with them? By layering your campaigns with multiple touchpoints and content that demonstrates your knowledge of their industry, pain points, and goals.

D2 uses proven tactics to follow your prospects’ digital footprint, targeting them based on their demographic information or how they’ve previously engaged with your brand and content. We’ll help you run a cohesive campaign with compelling offers that will inspire them to act.

D2 Creative Helps Marketers With:

Targeting by Demographic Information

We help find your target audience based on demographics – such as company name, job title, seniority, industry, etc. – and other information uncovered during our initial discovery.

Geotargeting/IP Address Targeting

Have specific locations or companies in mind? We can make sure your messages are seen with sophisticated targeting tactics that help find and serve content to your audience.


Stop losing track of prospects who leave your site without converting. We use retargeting campaigns, such as display ads and automated email campaigns, to nurture prospects and convert them into qualified leads.

Here's How We Do It:

1. Work With Key Stakeholders

Our team will work with your key stakeholders to review your current prospecting practices and identify areas for strategic improvements.

2. Provide Campaign Recommendations

Next, we’ll provide our campaign recommendations by audience, channel, and frequency, working within your budget and keeping your goals top of mind.

3. Optimize Campaign Results

Finally, we’ll execute the marketing tactics across platforms, making modifications as needed in order to optimize campaign results, and provide performance reports you’ll be proud to share with your team.

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