Connect With the Right Audience Segment

Understanding Prospects and Clients

Identifying your target market is essential for knowing where to focus your sales and marketing efforts. The better you understand who your ideal prospects and customers are, the easier it will be to craft targeted messaging and campaigns that cut through the clutter and inspire them to act.

In your customer base, there are inevitably groups of people with unique needs, traits, pain points, drivers, buying preferences, and expectations for your business when it comes to communication, support, and more.

Segmenting your audience can help you:

  • Learn about your customers on a deeper level so that you can tailor content to their unique needs and challenges.
  • Understand which features and benefits your buyers care about the most.
  • Create targeted campaigns and communications that resonate with and convert segments of your audience.
  • Improve customer service and support efforts by understanding and preparing for challenges different groups are likely to face.
  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with customized communications via preferred channels or platforms.

When Was the Last Time You Evaluated Your Audience Segments?

As trends and preferences change, so does your audience and so must your marketing tactics. Those who spend time and money creating campaigns and content without first revisiting target segmentation insights risk wasting their efforts on uninterested viewers. It’s also important that audience research not happen within a vacuum; the more companies act based on assumption, the more they risk getting it wrong.

D2 Creative can help optimize your target audience segmentation by interviewing your key stakeholders and customers as well as performing secondary research in order to provide you with the critical context needed to tailor campaigns and maximize communication effectiveness.

D2 Creative Helps Marketers:

Understand Existing Clientele

Know more about your clients in order to improve meaningful engagement, identify cross- and upselling opportunities, and attract new prospects just like them to help grow your bottom line.

Find New Customers

Use detailed consumer and market data to pinpoint who your target market is, where they are, and what they care about the most when it comes to your offerings.

Significantly Improve ROI

Create omnichannel campaigns with targeted messaging that speaks directly to your prospects and their challenges in the moment.

Here's How We Do It:

1. Work With Key Stakeholders

D2 Creative will work with your organization’s key stakeholders and lead them through a Brand Discovery & Design Workshop, helping you understand the market and where you sit in that marketplace as well as define the needs your products address for your audience segments.

2. Turn Data into Insights

Next, we’ll turn that data into real and actionable insights and present our findings along with recommendations for a consistent brand message, value proposition, and positioning of your company and its products.

3. Re-Establish a Brand Identity

Finally, we’ll use this insight to re-establish a brand identify that reflects how you want your brand to be perceived and in a way that will garner the best possible reaction from clients and prospects.

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