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When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Company’s Social Media Profile?

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Many organizations spend time and money populating their social media accounts with content hoping to attract new users and keep them engaged. However, there may be a bigger issue with your social media presence you’re not considering: How long has it been since you updated your company’s social media page?

If your company profile or content contains outdated information, doesn’t include the best tags and keywords for your industry, and doesn’t give people a clear call to action, then you’re not making the best first impression with new visitors who are seeing your page for the first time. If your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy isn’t strong enough, people may not be able to find your profile in the first place.

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Example: Optimizing the Social Media Presence of an International Biotech Society

D2 Creative has been working with the experts of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) for years. Not long ago, they engaged our team to optimize the EMBS YouTube channel with the goal of accelerating the growth of the audience.

We looked at the existing content on their page and added relevant tags so that the videos ranked higher in search results. We also added clickable cards at the end of each video that directed the viewer to specific content, based on the topic. We organized playlists made up of multi-part videos for seminars and conferences so that viewers could easily find and watch entire events. Finally, we added a watermark logo to the bottom of all videos that, when clicked on, allowed the user to easily subscribe.

These steps all encouraged viewers to consume more content, engage, and subscribe.

EMBS had long recordings from their many seminars. Videos with an especially lengthy run time were segmented into chapters in the video descriptions for easier consumption. Viewers can click the timestamp on the tracker or in the description and jump directly to the segment they want. Adding chapters in video descriptions also gave us an opportunity to include more keywords for higher ranking potential.

Another implementation D2 Creative introduced to EMBS is custom video thumbnails. No matter how compelling your content is, if it doesn’t catch the eye of someone scrolling then they’re not going to click. We added a cohesive look to the channel by creating templates for the different types of content posted most regularly. Color coordinating them allows a user to easily identify which video corresponds to which topic, and gave us the chance to inject some of their brand into the channel.

Is Now the Time to Update Your Social Profile?

The EMBS YouTube channel has flourished since the revamp. In a report on activity from June-August 2021 versus August-October 2021, views have increased by 38.74%. Subscribers have increased by 2.93% with a watch time increase of 21.26%. Overall, impression rates increased by 16.49% and EMBS can assume these practices will only help their channel grow even more over time.

Read more about our social media optimization work in the case study.

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