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Speaker bureau programs connect brands with medical professionals and provide training and resources so that they can in turn promote the brand and its products to other physicians. HCP databases help brands keep track of the names, brand affiliations, and contracts of their promotional speakers.

Our client, a multinational pharmaceutical company, found themselves lacking the tools to efficiently manage the speaker bureaus across their many brands. With no tools in place to manage much of the speaker contracting process, brand managers were left manually contacting and updating the contract status for individual speakers. This was time consuming and wasted resources, so the company asked D2 Creative to help streamline the process.

What this pharmaceutical company needed was an application that could handle speaker negotiation and contract information all in one place while simplifying key parts of the contracting process. We designed and built a speaker portal that could handle all aspects of this process right on the platform. This meant that all aspects of the contract could be managed through a single login, even if a speaker was affiliated with multiple brands.

We designed the application to allow for a streamlined contracting process of moving speakers from nomination to contract finalizing. Once a speaker created their profile, they could easily view upcoming events and materials provided by each brand. Brand managers could review the info of all speakers nominated for an event within a centralized dashboard and reach out to begin contracting through the portal.

All necessary training was available through the application as well. Speakers would be sent training courses directly and given access to event-specific materials once they were complete, ensuring compliance and preparedness.

Once contracting was finalized, brand managers and speakers could sign all necessary documents through the platform. Brand managers got automatic reminders on contract status and speaker history, helping them keep on top of their current and previously contracted speakers without any extra work.

The new system gave our client a portal for speaker bureaus that was tailored to their business and capable of managing contracts at a level that off-the-shelf applications couldn’t match. Both brand managers and speakers now have a more effective and efficient way to stay on top of contract obligations and ensure excellent work.

With a centralized location for recruiting, contracting, and training speakers, the cost and complexity of managing multiple bureaus were significantly reduced. The client no longer had to resort to Excel spreadsheets and manually contacting speakers, saving time and money through every step of the process.

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Speaker portal presentations webpage Speaker portal training events webpage Gmail inbox message of speaker portal invite
Speaker portal presentations webpage Speaker portal training events webpage Gmail inbox message of speaker portal invite

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