The “Aww” Factor Generates Product Video Views and Shares

Services: Video Production and Editing, Motion Graphics

The Challenge: Fujifilm Medical Systems’ hand-held FDR-flex x-ray system is mostly used in hospitals and mobile hospital units. When they heard it was being used at a zoo to x-ray rhinos and flamingos, they knew a product video showing its use would be a great way to demonstrate its versatility to potential customers – and get some “aww” factor too!


Our Approach: We shot on location in Wisconsin where we videotaped different animals getting x-rays, including a rhino, a flamingo, a penguin and an alpaca. The vet and the handlers spoke on camera about their ability to x-ray large and small animals quickly with no anesthesia and no trauma. We also got up close and personal with a red panda!

The Result: This product video has been viewed more times online than any other Fujifilm Medical product video! Users have shared it on their sites and Facebook pages, and it’s shown at trade shows and in presentations to demonstrate the versatility of this portable system. The zoo is also using it in their education programs. The response has been “awww”-some!