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Fujifilm Medical Systems’ hand-held, FDR-flex x-ray system is typically used in hospitals and mobile medical units. The company discovered a growing customer base of zoos across the country that were using the device to x-ray animals.

Expanding into a new market can be a challenge, especially if all your content reflects the needs and values of your original target market.

Fujifilm saw this as a way to demonstrate the versatility of their product while also creating fresh content specific to zoos. They approached D2 Creative to produce a video showing zookeepers using the product and discussing its benefits. The video would also showcase product features and provide more information regarding how to buy.

The team at D2 Creative shot on location at the zoo. We videotaped several different animals getting routine and diagnostic x-rays, including a rhino, flamingo, penguin, and an alpaca. There’s an old adage to never work with animals in showbusiness because of their unpredictability, but the vet and handlers were professionals. They spoke on camera about their ability to x-ray large and small animals quickly, with no anesthesia or trauma—thanks to the Fujifilm hand-held FDR-flex x-ray system.

When we film testimonial-style videos, we always prepare our shots and interview questions in advance, but prefer not to use scripts. This allows the subject to speak from their authentic experience.

Can cute animals make a video go viral? They certainly helped Fujifilm, as the FDR-flex x-ray system product video has been viewed more times online than any other Fujifilm Medical product video. The story has drawn fans from all over social media as users continue sharing it on their sites and social media pages. The zoo is even using it in their education programs. Overall, the response has been “awww”-some!

Fujifilm continues to play the video at trade shows and in sales presentations to demonstrate the versatility of this portable system both in and out of official hospital or mobile medical unit settings.


Watch FDR-Flex in Action at the Zoo

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