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Product Launch Campaign to Build Brand Awareness

The challenge


The challenge

Our client was bringing a game-changing brand to the marketplace. As the challenger brand, where the dominant player owned a 70% market share, Fujifilm needed to gain more prominence. Our job was to create a campaign that could build brand awareness while maintaining the brand’s voice and values.

Our approach

In this product launch campaign, we wanted to continue to emphasize Fujifilm Medical Systems’ commitment to innovation and to improving the lives of women through better diagnostic tools.

Our approach to any campaign development is to understand the core attributes of the brand and the key market challenges. For this reason, we began with a brand workshop with our clients, stakeholders and their customers, even though we already have a deep history with and understanding of this brand. We saw this workshop as a starting point to ensure the campaign is both effective and the “right fit”.

The result

As a result of our findings, we developed the “Meet Our Motivation” campaign, highlighting women and patients as the motivating factor for our client’s commitment to innovation and well-being.