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INLIVIAN, the housing authority for Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, offers valuable services and support to its residents, but awareness of these offerings needed a substantial boost. They sought to bridge the information gap and ensure that residents knew about the assistance available to them. The challenge was to not only increase awareness among current residents, but also to effectively communicate the range of services INLIVIAN offered them, including afterschool programs, senior/disabled services, youth services, and scholarship programs.

D2 Creative partnered with vitalink, a cause-based branding and marketing firm, to tackle this challenge. Together, we devised a comprehensive strategy to grow awareness and promote INLIVIAN’s services.

Here’s how we approached the task:

Audience Building: We collaborated with vitalink to identify and build target audiences that would be most receptive to INLIVIAN’s services. This involved in-depth research and segmentation to ensure our efforts reached the right people.

Multichannel Campaign: We designed digital marketing campaigns across various channels to maximize visibility. D2 Creative took charge of the digital aspect, while vitalink handled traditional media placements, creating a cohesive, cross-channel approach. We strategically harnessed a variety of digital marketing channels and tactics to amplify INLIVIAN’s resident services awareness. YouTube, connected tv, and streaming video ads visually showcased INLIVIAN’s offerings and engaged the audience through compelling storytelling. Google, programmatic, and geotargeting display ads extended our reach across the web, capturing more attention and driving traffic to the website. Streaming audio ads tapped into the audio-streaming trend, reaching users through sound. Lastly, remarketing campaigns across a variety of channels reengaged interested users. Each tactic contributed uniquely to engage our audience effectively and maximize campaign impact

Real-Time Performance Dashboard: We developed a custom performance dashboard for INLIVIAN. This tool allowed them to monitor campaign performance in real-time. They could check channel-specific and tactic-specific results, track ad performance, and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) whenever needed.

Ongoing Optimization: Regular meetings and discussions between our teams helped us evaluate results and make data-driven improvements. We continuously refined our tactics to optimize campaign outcomes.

Our collaborative efforts yielded significant results, driving awareness and engagement for INLIVIAN.

  • Total impressions: 5.2M+
  • 149% increase in impressions first month vs last month
  • 5,500+ clicks to the website
  • 58% increase in clicks first month vs last month


By combining digital and traditional marketing strategies, employing a real-time performance dashboard, and continuously refining our tactics, we not only increased awareness of INLIVIAN’s resident services but also ensured that these services reached those who needed them the most. The impressive results achieved are a testament to the effectiveness of our collaborative approach and data-driven optimization.



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