Visual Aid Converted to Responsive Website

Services: Website Design

The Challenge: A terrific tablet-based interactive visual aid (IVA) had been designed for a new women’s health product. Our client wanted to recreate the experience on a product website. We agreed that the Web offered the opportunity for unlimited reach and tie-ins with pay-per-click and display advertising campaigns. We both knew that users have different expectations of their website experience. The IVA was designed for in-person presentation, but users need to be able to navigate a website without guidance. Finally, while the IVA was designed for viewing only in landscape mode, our website needed a responsive design that would work on phones, tablets and desktops.

Laptop picturing Endosee web site

Our Approach: The information architecture was developed based on the IVA. We combined pages from the IVA taking advantage of scrolling behavior and reducing the size of the site. We renamed the sections of the website to make it more intuitive for users and easier for search engines to understand. We recreated animations so that they’d work even on small screens, and added some tools like a “sales rep locator” (that you obviously wouldn’t need if your rep was standing right there)!

The Endosee website adapts to fit different device screen sizes