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Engaging Physicians Online

The challenge


The challenge

Our client had launched a new handheld office hysteroscope, Endosee, that’s portable, lightweight and offers clear visualization. To promote this game-changing product, they needed a website that provides all the information physicians would need to change how they think about hysterocopy procedures.

The client came to us with a list of must-haves for their new website. It had to showcase product features and provide how-to information. It also needed to present solid clinical reasoning, payer reimbursement information, and physician feedback. Finally, we had to illustrate how the product would impact a physician’s practice.

Our approach

We know that physicians use the web just like other consumers. With this in mind, we structured the site content around common questions consumers have about a new product, like what is it? Why should I use it? How do I order it?

We organized all the available materials to fit within this hierarchy, including video, webinars and clinical studies. Knowing that physicians, like any consumer, look to social proof before making a purchase, we included feedback from their peers.

Knowing HCPs are likely to browse on their phones, we made the site mobile-friendly. We also set up Google Analytics event tracking so the client could better understand how users interacted with content and measure the effectiveness of their ongoing pay-per-click and display advertising efforts.

Endosee on IOS

The result

Changing the paradigm for a medical procedure is a marathon, not a sprint. Endosee is steadily gaining traction as a new standard of care, and clinicians use the product website to get the information they need. The site features a range useful content to draw traffic from searches online and is supported by email and display advertising campaigns to drive traffic to the site.