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Campaign Development for a Broad-Reaching Product Launch

The challenge


The challenge

Fujifilm approached us for their product launch of a new digital mammography product.  Their challenge was how to present the benefits of their new Aspire low dose x-ray technology to multiple audiences including administrators, radiologists, technicians, patients and referring clinicians. With a single, broad-reaching campaign our task was to uniquely position Fujifilm in the women’s health space.

Our approach

D2 Creative’s first step was to take Fujifilm’s marketing team through a comprehensive campaign development workshop to understand the campaign objectives, measurements for success and core brand attributes.

Our solution took shape in “The Vital Campaign”. Using a common tagline to address Fujifilm’s diverse audiences allowed us to direct an appropriate, focused message to each specific audience. From Here, the “Because ____ is vital,” was born.

The result

The Aspire campaign’s launch included a product website, email campaign, and sales kit. We also developed large format print graphics and an animated video demonstrating the innovative technology to be featured at the annual Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) conference.

To help end users promote the product in their practices, we also developed an on-demand, innovative and customizable, strategy. This allows imaging centers to access compliant, Aspire-branded marketing and patient outreach materials through a secure website. Once customized with their own brand identities, product owners can download or print on-demand from the website.