Broad Impact with a Single Integrated Marketing Campaign

Services: Integrated Campaigns, Website Design & Development, Trade Show Support, Print Design

The Challenge: Our client needed their brand to gain more prominence in the mammography marketplace, so they could challenge a competitor with 70% market share. They wanted their message and visual identity to clearly differentiate them in the women’s health space where soft language, nature imagery and warm color tones were the norm. In addition, practitioners had told Fujifilm that they needed help marketing the benefits of Aspire’s low dose x-ray technology to patients and referrers.

Fujifilm Aspire HD Plus Print Materials

Our Approach: D2 took our client’s marketing team through a campaign development workshop to understand the core attributes of the brand and the key challenges. Our solution, “The Vital Campaign,” allowed us to address the diverse audiences from the same campaign, with the tag line “Because         is vital.” Our new visual identity, with bold imagery and colors, presented Aspire as technology-focused, passionate, and self-assured.

Fujifilm Aspire HD Plus Template

The Result: The Aspire campaign launch tactics included a new product website, email campaign and sales kit. We also developed large format print graphics for Fujifilm’s trade show booth, and an animated video demonstrating the technology. D2 developed an innovative print-on-demand strategy for practitioners, that allows them to access Aspire-branded, B2C marketing materials through a secure website, customize them with their own logo and information, and download or print directly from the site.