Brand Messaging & Positioning, driven by customer feedback

Services: Brand Development, Print Design, Website Design & Development

The Challenge: Fujifilm performed an extensive customer research study that provided new insights into brand awareness and customer satisfaction, as well as features, benefits and differentiators that were important to customers. Our task was to incorporate the results into a revitalized brand positioning campaign for digital radiography products.

Moodboard for the 'Bring It' Brand Positioning Campaign

Our Approach: We developed a customer-focused campaign that exploded the perception that “all providers are alike.” The “Bring It” campaign defines Fujifilm as a bold, strong, confident organization that can take on any challenge, and positions their customers to do the same. Our campaign was then incorporated into Fujifilm’s Digital Radiography website, and used to develop a series of print ads.

Bring It Poster 1
Bring It Poster 2
Bring It Poster 3

The Result: Our client thought this campaign expressed their brand essence so perfectly that they relaunched it as an internal motivational campaign. “Bring It” posters were developed for the corporate offices, and staff started using it in their email signatures. We feel like we scored a “ringer!”