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Crafting Fresh Content to Introduce New Visitors to an Established Brand

The challenge


The challenge

The Paragard IUD has been sold in the United States for over 30 years, but the brand needed to reinvent itself for today’s market. They had an existing website and content that should be updated to appeal to the needs of today’s women. This new website also had to be designed and built on a relatively short timeline in order to coincide with a major, nationwide marketing push.

Laptop showing the Paragard website

Our approach

Using existing copy from their website, a number of new claims for the product, and our proposed content strategy, we went to work writing copy for all pages of the new site. We focused on writing SEO-friendly text in a conversational tone to address visitors as peers, instead of using the drier, clinical tone commonly found on pharmaceutical websites.

After our suggested content was approved, we made sure to set up the site in such a way that it would be easy to track usage patterns. We’re learning what types of content the audience wants to interact with, what devices our visitors are using (and how they’re using them), and more about what things our visitors want to know about the product. This information helps us create more content in the future, particularly that which addresses common search queries.

Heatmap of the Paragard consumer site
Heatmap of an interior page on the Paragard consumer site
Chart showing how Paragard compares to other birth control methods

The result

Our client was very happy with their redesigned site, which launched a short while before their major marketing campaign. The site continues to do well in organic search, bringing in well-qualified potential users who are considering IUDs after seeing the TV commercial or hearing about them from another source. Additionally, the insights gained from tracking user behavior on the site are informing future marketing efforts, such as creating content even more useful to consumers.