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Traffic & Audience Growth

Grow Your Traffic and Audience

You cannot expect to grow your business by simply building a website, putting a few videos on YouTube, or creating a company profile on LinkedIn. To grow your traffic and audience you’ll need a strategy using digital tactics like search engine optimization (SEO), paid search and email marketing to reach more people. Customers won’t just show up and buy because your website looks pretty, or because you have a clever campaign.

Target Customers, Wherever They Are

Part of our initial engagement will be to learn from you who your customers areand what they need. Using this information we’ll develop a plan that will put your message in front of those customers. It won’t matter where they are or how they use the Web.

We can reach your customers at work, at home and on the go.

Information we can use to target your audience:

  • Industry
  • Job title (e.g., VP of Sales)
  • Profession (e.g., Endocrinologist, Engineer)
  • Interests
  • Street address
  • Geo-location (e.g., Madison Square Garden)
  • Event attendance (e.g., CES)
  • Favorite websites & mobile apps

Organic and Paid Search Strategies

There are essentially two kinds of Web traffic: organic and paid. In our client engagements we usually recommend employing a strategy that includes a mix of both. The reasons for this are fairly straightforward.

Paid tactics like display advertising (i.e., banner ads) and pay-per-click advertising generally show immediate boosts in traffic, but over time can become expensive to maintain. They also need to be well executed in order to bring in qualified traffic.

Search engine optimization is a very effective (although challenging) tactic with significant long-term advantages. It requires more upfront work but in time SEO pays for itself by delivering consistent and highly qualified traffic to your site. In fact, with our clients we consistently see that visitors arriving from search engines view more pages and stay longer than those arriving from any other channel.

A key factor in successful organic and paid search strategies is developing a manageable and affordable combination of both. We’d like to help you define that mix.

SEO Audits & Site Updates

Fact: Buyers use search engines to find products and services. You need them to find your company, not the competition. Sounds simple enough… so how do you make that happen?

D2 consultants will work with you evaluate your products, services and target customers to determine what kind of content you need to influence buying decisions. This strategy, known as content marketing, might take form of webpage copy, infographics & images, video, or more likely, some combination of all of these.

After new content is nailed down, we’ll review your website to determine if there are any technical issues that need to be addressed. Factors like page load speedand mobile-friendliness can have a real impact on your pages’ ability to rank in search engines.

Finally, before putting everything in place, we’ll prepare a baseline analysis report to ensure that going forward performance can be effectively measured.

Higher search rankings aren’t immediate, but SEO works. Most clients see double-digit improvements in key metrics within 3-4 months.

PPC, Display, Mobile & Retargeting Campaigns

For the client looking for a paid-search vendor, we are a certified Google AdWords Partner offering pay-per-click, display advertising and retargeting programs using the AdWords advertising network. In addition, we use a number of cutting edge technologies to pinpoint your customers and deliver meaningful messages to them. Our services include:

  • Impact projections
  • Budget planning
  • Media placement
  • Copy writing
  • Ad creative design & production
  • Campaign configuration & launch

D2 will manage your daily advertising spend, make ongoing improvements and provide you and your team with reporting and analysis.