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Better Organization and New Sales Possibilities for the Leading US Orthopedics Brand

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Dr. Scholl’s, the leading insole, orthopedic, and foot care brand in the US, needed to move away from their existing website after a change in company ownership. The existing website was controlled by the brand’s former owners, but more than that, the Dr. Scholl’s team wanted to take this opportunity to reimagine the organization and presentation of their products, and enhance the overall user experience. Most importantly, they wanted to add ecommerce functionality and capture direct sales through the website instead of driving people to separate retailers. Because of our experience in the industry as well as our extensive design and development capabilities, they engaged D2 Creative to create the new site.
Optimizing the Dr. Scholl’s website and implementing eCommerce were our priorities from the start of this project. With input from the client on key concerns, we used data collected from heat maps of user activity coupled with our orthopedics marketing knowledge and insights from our UI experts to determine what the most important on-site issues to address were. We oversaw a complete overhaul of how product information was organized on the site, grouping products into the categories and subcategories that would make them the easier for consumers to find. This coupled with the addition of a new eCommerce platform allowed for direct sales on the website, a functionality that was previously missing entirely.
Our updated organization of content significantly helped simplify the visitor’s experience on the site. With the new product grouping, visitors could more efficiently find the insoles, orthotics, and foot care products that are right for them. Rather than just search by product or product type, visitors could also search by symptom or condition and find products that would help them feel better. Interactive elements like the Insole Advisor quiz kept visitors engaged and entertained. Additionally, the newly added eCommerce functionality opened up a new opportunity for revenue that Dr. Scholl’s did not capitalize on previously. Adding eCommerce functionality helps keep customers on the site as they make purchases, delivering a seamless website experience.

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