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Speaker Bureau Management Platform

Simplify Managing Your Speaker Bureau

Ensure compliance & streamline workflow all with our platform

D2’s Speaker Bureau Platform provides simple-to-use, compliant online tools for recruitingcontracting and training the speakers in your professional medical education programs. Our secure platform distributes and tracks promotional and training materials online. Also, we will customize it to meet your specific regulatory and business requirements. Use it to Manage all aspects of a pharmaceutical speaker bureau from a secure centralized online hub including:

  • Speaker Nominations, Recruitment and Contracting
  • Returning Speakers Optimization
  • Vetting of Speaker Credentials
  • Logistics Integration and Calendar
  • Presentation Assets and Resources Management
  • Speaker Training
  • Data Auditing and Reporting
  • Meeting Attendance and Sign-In App

Manage your Speaker Bureaus with Ease

Nobody looks forward to learning yet another software program, that’s why our Speaker Bureau Platform is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing and refining the user interface. This means it will be easy for speakers to manage their training materials and related assets.

After securely signing in, the speaker can browse a personalized list of upcoming speaker events. Our platform integrates medical education logistics company calendars eliminating the need to visit separate sites. The KOL can add events to her personal calendar with a click. Speakers can access a list of presentations that they have been trained to use, and can download the most up-to-date presentation. When there is a new version of the content available for download the KOL will receive an alert. They will also receive reminders prior to upcoming events if there is a new version of the presentation that they have not downloaded. Optionally, bureau managers can receive alerts and notifications when speakers access new materials.

Speakers also have access to a variety of additional resources provided by the brand, such as MOA videos and FAQs, training videos, courses and other presentations and resources. The platform also features a help screen customized for your brand(s).

Just 10 speakers? More than 10 brands? You’re covered!

Our platform scales to accommodate any number of speakers, bureaus or brands from one to 100.

Securely manage all aspects of a speaker bureau from a centralized online speaker bureau platform

Feature Details

Access Control

On our platform speakers can only access the presentation asset they have been trained to use. However, if you have KOLs who work on multiple brands they can be accessed from one portal using a single username and password. Once logged in speakers can switch between brands by simply selecting them from a drop-down menu.

Finally, if your brand is supported by multiple agencies they can all access materials in a single central repository, no duplication of content or risk of unapproved materials being distributed.

Speakers can only access the assets they've been trained to use after logging into your branded speaker bureau platform.


Integrated Logistics

Using data from your preferred logistics company, speakers see a personalized calendar of their speaking engagements.

After logging in, speakers see their personalized calendar of speaker engagements.

Compliance Alert

System matches speaker’s integrated calendar with date of most recent asset download, provides notifications and alerts to relevant stakeholders to ensure compliance.

The speaker bureau platform provides notifications and alerts to ensure speaker compliance.

Online Training

Access to a presentation asset can be limited to speakers who successfully complete integrated online training. We offer the following types of training courses:

  • General/Community training
  • Presentation Specific training
  • Speaker Training for Contracted Speakers

General/Community Training:
This training is for speakers who need to complete an additional training course that is not specific to any presentation assets and does not include any presentations.

Presentation Specific Training:
Use this Training Course Type when speakers/users (Ambassadors/CNEs) need to have access to certain Presentations after taking a training course.

Speaker Training for Contracted Speakers:
This type of training course is intended for speakers in “Contracted” status. The associated speakers will be set to Trained status upon completion of the training course.

Presentation asset access can be limited to speakers who successfully complete online training.

Nominations and Contracting

Compliant management of recruiting, onboarding and retention of speakers to your bureau.

Manage recruiting, onboarding and retention of users within your speaker bureau platform.

Meeting Attendance and Sign-In

Track attendance and regulatory compliance at individual meetings with our sign-in app. Track and store the data you need, independently of your logistics provider.

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