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Helping Young Engineers and Volunteer Organizations Get Connected

The challenge


The challenge

As the world’s largest professional association, IEEE has no shortage of volunteering opportunities for young electrical engineers and students, but getting them in front of the people who need their help was sometimes a challenge. The IEEE’s Young Professionals reached out to D2 to assist with reimagining their volunteering site to better provide members with a means of identifying opportunities.

We focused on creating tools to connect both young professionals looking for volunteering opportunities and the people offering them to more easily learn about what was available and connect with one another. The foundation of this was enhanced messaging capabilities and a new, cleaner dashboard design to make it easy for users to see the important details of what opportunities were upcoming as well as what they’ve signed up for.

Additionally, changes were made to give users a better understanding of who they were interacting with, whether they were offering or accepting an opportunity. A new “Endorsement” system allowed users to give feedback and recommendations in a way that was easily accessible. Additionally, we included a means for users to upload their volunteer CV, feedback, personal info, and more to their profile pages to make important information more easily downloadable and accessible.

Our approach

The result

A revamped site revitalized the volunteering platform of IEEE Young Professionals, allowing them to connect more members with opportunities to enrich both their communities and their careers. Whether they’re opportunity seekers or creators, users now have more options to find the right people and the right volunteer opportunities.