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Brand Positioning for Medical Devices through Digital Storytelling

The challenge


The challenge

Standing out in a crowded landscape of competitors is always difficult. Fujifilm Medical Systems came to us with a three-fold challenge:

  • reduce the cost of transporting entire x-ray suites to events,
  • provide engaging content that demonstrates their latest technology, and
  • create a “wow” factor to draw customers into their show booth at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual conference.

Our approach

To address these challenges, we modeled two virtual imaging suites that helped customers get “hands on” with the equipment. 3D-rendered versions of the FDR D-EVO Suite II and FDR ACSELERATE allowed customers to understand the benefits of complex new technology and view animation showing how the system creates sharper images with a lower dose of radiation.

The virtual exhibit also allowed users to interact with the equipment in ways that would not be possible with live x-ray equipment. Booth visitors were able to see the product in use, view final xray images, and get a glimpse of the technology inside the machine that makes it all possible.

The result

Our application was prominently displayed on a 3×3 matrixed video wall with three touch-screen kiosks that allowed multiple users to interact with the display at the same time.

With this innovative approach to the display of “big iron”, Fujifilm’s booth drew large crowds and provided a unique user experience that positioned the brand as a stand out amongst their competitors.

We’ve since updated this application several times to add new products. We also created a version for tablets for use by their sales force.