Using a Touch Screen Kiosk to Engage Customers

Services: App Development, Interactive Trade Show Support, Video Production and Editing,

The Challenge: Our client needed “wow” factor to draw customers into their trade show booth. They told us the cost of transporting and setting up entire x-ray suites at their biggest show was becoming prohibitive. Finally, they wanted to make their new technology a part of the conversation. They looked to us for a solution.

Fujifilm DR Virtual Suite Touch Screen Kiosk

Our Approach: We created 3D models using the manufacturer’s CAD files for two x-ray suites, and developed an interactive, touch-screen application that lets users interact with the equipment. We wanted the app to let users do and see what they couldn’t in a live demonstration: look at the final x-ray images, see video of the product in use in a working hospital, and be able to understand the technology inside.




The Details: To help customers understand the benefits of complex new technology, we created a 3D animation showing how the system creates sharper images with lower dose. All the videos, x-ray images, and other features were integrated into the application.

The Result: Our application was displayed prominently on a 3×3 matrixed video wall. Three touch screen kiosks let multiple users interact with the display at the same time. These kiosks were crowded all week. Even better, after they got a quick overview of the app, sales reps started using it for impromptu presentations. We’ve updated this application several times to add new products, and created a version that works on an iPad as well!