Product Demo Video for Security Industry Manufacturer

Services: Campaign Development, Video Production

The Challenge: Altronix is the leading manufacturer of low-voltage electronics and power solutions for security and surveillance systems. While their “little black boxes” appear very similar on the surface, they operate very differently. Our charge was to create a video sales tool to help convey the function and possibilities afforded by the three of the company’s key product lines

Our Approach: We put a different spin on the popular whiteboard animation for their product demo video, mixing live action with illustrations and more detailed product drawings. This gave us the freedom to explain abstract concepts using visual metaphors and allowed us to quickly demonstrate how easily Altronix equipment can be installed to transform the capabilities of existing infrastructures.

Screens from the Altronix Product Demo Video

The Result: We produced three long-form commercials that debuted at the ASIS 2014 Security Expo and then promoted to various industry and reseller sites in a follow-up email campaign. When the sales force met for a sneak peek before the launch, they responded with a standing ovation and asked for the videos in multiple formats to assist with their sales efforts. Media outlets also responded favorably. In fact, the approach was so well received, we’re going to be using it to introduce the latest product line from Altronix.