iPad App for Sales to Show Customer Savings

Services: Mobile App Development

The Challenge: When you tell customers, “You’ll save energy with our new product!”, how can you make it real for them? To show how much energy was being saved with their products, sales people needed to get out their calculators. Hayward wanted something the rep could hold in their hand and easily complete while standing in front of the product any time they are with a customer.

Hayward Energy Savings Calculator App

Our Approach: We created both an iPad app and a web-based calculator that make it simple for dealers and the customer: choose your state, zip code and pool size, and the calculator does the rest, showing the user how much they can save by switching to one of Hayward’s energy-efficient products. We even added a couple of extras, like the ability to email the results, and showing you utility rebates in your state.

Hayward Energy Solutions app in use

The Result: With thousands of downloads through iTunes, this app is a valuable tool for Hayward’s pool professional partners and is easy enough for consumers to use as well. The web calculator provides lead generation with an email opt-in. We’re on our 6th generation of the app, keeping it continually updated with new products and features. We even made a cool offshoot for trade shows and in-store displays that let the demonstrators control a working, energy-saving pump directly from an iPad.

Also available on your desktop

Desktop Version of the Calculator