Educate and Influence with an Interactive Med-Ed App

Services: App Development, Video Production and Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation

The Challenge: Our client wanted an interactive medical education tool for physicians to use when discussing the effects of a disease over time, in this case diabetes. They wanted to be able to show the same patient at different ages and weights to highlight the effects of lifestyle choices. While we could have used CGI animated “avatars,” we all thought that using real actors would convey a more powerful message.

Example screen from this medical education app

Example screen from the app

Our Approach: We hired a well-known special-effects makeup artist. His team created prosthetics for 16 different “looks” for each of four actors – a matrix of four ages and four body mass indexes (BMIs). It took ten days to shoot our actors doing all the movements and dialog that went into the app: 16 times each, once for each “look.”

Behind the Scenes - Special Effects
Behind the Scenes - Actors
Behind the Scenes - Actors

The Result: The video was integrated into a simple-to-use educational app that lets physicians select a patient, and then choose their age and BMI. They can look at the patient in a 360° view. Then they can “see” that patient in an exam room, and see and hear their responses to questions about diet and lifestyle. They can show 3D animated video of disease progression on different body parts. We even created a tool that lets the presenter make a list of “favorites,” selecting patient, age and BMI, and preselecting the patient’s answers to questions. This tool is just one example of D2 Creative’s professional medical education & speaker platform offering.