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Re-branding a Business in Transition

The challenge


The challenge

After the consolidation of several business units, MediMedia needed rebranding to support the company’s integrated services and solutions offerings. Since they needed to hit the ground running, they asked us to launch the new brand in just two months. The brand strategy had to be solid and enduring, yet flexible enough to accommodate an organization in transition, as new acquisitions were on the horizon.

Our approach

We developed a new, iconic, visual identity system that incorporated the service and solutions product architecture as well as the company’s core mission and values. Strong brand cues helped MediMedia Health build brand recognition and brand equity. We developed brand identity guidelines to ensure brand continuity among internal and external teams. The new website (which included a content management system) presented the brand’s product and service offerings. We also supported the sales teams, writing and designing custom PowerPoint presentations for seven product/service groups.

MediMedia® Health Photography

Photographic imagery is a critical component to further establish the MediMedia Health Brand identity. Consistency in photographic style and subject matter is necessary to convey our key brand concept: to deliver engaging healthcare solutions that make a difference, in a positive way; specifically designed for healthcare providers and their patients.

Imagery selections should work to tell this story in a powerful way, visually represent our company, its solutions, services, products and customers. The photography should also implicitly convey emotional and functional benefits and tactical, multichannel points of contact.

MediMedia® Health Key Visual Brand Elements

Each of these integrated, multi-channel service offerings is represented by an icon that helps the customer to quickly identify the tactics employed within that vertical. These branded services are the foundational components of MediMedia Health’s branded solution offerings that include:



The result

Companies make a big investment in branding and visual identity, and a good brand should be able to stand the test of time. Since we launched the brand, despite the company going through some changes, the brand is as strong as ever.