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Content Development for Life Sciences Brand Awareness

The challenge


The challenge

With more than 12,000 members spanning over 100 countries, the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBS) wanted to increase brand awareness to fulfill three core objectives:

  • Attract clinicians to the society to help direct member research and create meaningful new medical devices
  • Attract current students and recent graduates to this exciting field
  • Provide outreach to the general public to help explain the broad field of biomedical engineering

Our approach

This was a two-phase project.

In Phase One, we conducted phone interviews with more than two dozen scientists worldwide, representing the many areas of focus within this very broad field. Rather than leaning on the heavy science, our approach was to instead capture the imagination behind the various projects these scientists were working on.

For Phase Two, based on our initial phone interviews, we identified projects and areas of focus that were especially visual and then set out to shoot at some of the world’s leading academic institutions—including MIT, Harvard, and The University of Minnesota. Our goal was to capture research being conducted by a diverse group of biomedical engineers.

The result

Based on our phone research, we created a new “About Biomedical Engineering” section of the EMBS website that explains the many areas of biomedical engineering and the types of projects going on within each.

We also produced two versions of a documentary, “Advances in Biomedical Engineering”: one targeting clinicians and the other aimed at students interested in the field. These are also available on the EMBS site.